Countdown Memories


Not only was Countdown the place to find out about the latest music videos, performances, singles and albums, but it also introduced so many STYLE related visuals - from the FASHION sections in the Countdown Magazine, segments on STYLE on the show itself to the movements happening at the time including Glam, Disco, Mods, Punks, New Romantics, Trendies and Gender Benders.

This STYLE section showcases Australian archival material from the amazing variation of colour, vibrancy and experimentation expressed during the '70s and '80s through clothes, design, hair, make up and nightclubbing.

Clips and photographs of STYLE related subjects feature here from many different Australian fashion and youth magazines, Countdown clips,  Australian fashion designers of the day and also featuring soon will be memorabilia from those who have kindly donated their STYLE vintage shots whilst out and about in Melbourne in the 1980s.


Sydney Fashion Magazine 'mode', Winter, 1977 click on a thumbnail to enlarge

Woman's Weekly -  Street Smart: A guide to today's fashion cults (1982)

Countdown - Fashion Design Council Of Australia Edition (November 25th, 1984)

Fashion Design Council (FDC) Special 1
  Fashion Design Council (FDC) Special 2