Countdown Memories
Gavin Wood's Photos
This section of Countdown Memories features exclusive photos courtesy of Gavin Wood. Below are images from his archives including photos of himself and Molly plus various artists and celebrities of the day. Also featured are promo photos of bands and artists from the 70's and 80's.

Gavin and Molly
(at 92.3 EON FM)
Gavin with
the Nolan Sisters
Gavin & Bonnie Tyler
Southland, '83
Molly crowned 'King
of Moomba', 1985
Molly 'blessing' Gavin
Moomba, 1985
Molly's Jukebox
Gavin's KISS & Make-up
From start to finish...
... almost done...
Gavin, Meter Maid
and Molly
Gavin & Molly with
Joe Camilleri
3XY Rocks Melbourne
Promotional Bus
Gavin & Rob Gell
Gavin with
Sheena Easton
Gavin & Norman Gunston
Gavin with
Randy Crawford
Gavin and Female DJ
Suzi Quatro cutting
her wedding cake
Gavin with
Johnny Farnham

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