Countdown Memories


Welcome to the Rage Re-Runs page. Each January since 1993, Rage has been reminding the whole of Australia about the importance of Countdown by replaying selected episodes. We have listed all of these episodes complete with details, dates etc.

On this page Rage re-runs from present to 2005.

On page 2 Rage re-runs from 2004 to 1993.

rage tx date
Countdown original tx date

3rd August, 1980
(Hosted by members of Dugites)

10th May, 1981
(Hosted by Sheena Easton)

Countdown Segment:
Class Of ’84 Presents – Jobs In T.V

16th August:
(Hosted by Ignatius Jones)


4th November, 1984
(Hosted by Lin Buckfield)

24th March, 1985
(Hosted by Spandau Ballet)

20th July, 1986
(Molly interviews Russell Mulcahy)

22nd March, 1987
(Hosted by Chantoozies)


14th April 14th, 1985
(Hosted by Tom Caroll)


21st Septmber, 1980
(Hosted by James Freud)

27th October, 1984
(10th Anniversary)


25th November, 1979
(Hosted by Marc Hunter & Molly)

12th April, 1981
(Hosted by Dave Mason)

10th March, 1985
(Featured links from Molly as DJ at a
Disco at Moomba)

23rd August, 1980
(Stand By program. 1974-80 Countdown
performances, Hosted by James Reyne)


17th February, 1980
(Hosted by Daryl Braithwaite)

 21st October, 1984
(No Host, Molly presents Humdrum)

16th December, 1979
(Countdown ENDS THE DECADE looking over
the years of the 1970’s)


 20th December, 1981
(Countdown Summer Special
featuring Australian Bands who had hits
during 1981)

1st September, 1985
(No Host. Molly presents Humdrum)

12th July, 1981
(Molly hosts from Mt Buller)


7th December, 1980
(Hosted by Elton John & Molly)

17th March, 1985
(Hosted by Alides & Ake from Time Bandits)

16th August, 1981
(Hosted by Ignatius Jones)

 20th November, 1983
(Hosted by members of Split Enz)

02/01/2010 SUNDAY SPECTRUM (The Making of Countdown)

23rd November, 1985
(Hosted by Grace Knight and Bernie Lynch from Eurogliders)
FLASHEZ (Behind The Scenes At Countdown)

8th October, 1982
(Hosted by Simple Minds)
09/01/2010 25th March, 1984
(Hosted by Jane Clifton & John Paul Young)

4th August, 1985
(Hosted by Tears For Fears)

17th June, 1984
(Hosted by Molly plus intro’s from Brian Canham, Lyn Buckfield and more…)
16/01/2010 3rd July, 1977
(Jon English * Recovered Countdown Episode)

27th June, 1982
(Hosted The Go Go’s)

14th August, 1983
(Hosted by Malcolm Mclaren)
23/01/2010 22nd July, 1979
(Hosted by Darryl Cotton)

24th October, 1982
(Hosted by Carol Pope)

20th March, 1983
(Hosted by Ignatius Jones)

Duran Duran – My Own Way
(Countdown Performance)

Countdown Special – Studio 21

March 4th, 1984
(Hosted by Molly & Elton John)

03/01/2009 24th December, 1983
(Christmas Show . Hosts include Molly, Pseudo Echo, Pat Wilson. Marc Hunter, Colin Hay, Greg Ham, Shirly Strachan & more)

24th December, 1982
(Christmas Show. Guest Host spots include Andrew Peters, John Peters, Basia Bonkowski, Gavin Wood & Tim Finn. Includes Molly plus Lee Simon and Donnie Sutherland)

10th December, 1978
(Last show for 1978. Hosted by Molly with Special Guest Host Elton John)

22nd December, 1985
(Hosted by Tina Turner & Molly)

December 21st, 1986
(Christmas Show. Hosts include Greedy Smith, Kim Wilde and members of OMD)
10/01/2009 4th November, 1979
(Hosted by Russell Hitchcock from ‘Air Supply’. Supported by Christie Allen)

4th June, 1980
(Hosted by Chrisite Allen)

19th April, 1980
(Countdown TV WEEK Rock Awards)

30th November, 1980
(Hosted by Molly and Co-Host Bette Midler)
17/01/2009 31st August, 1980
(Hosted by Molly and John Travolta)

11th September, 1983
(Hosted by KC and The Sunshine Band)

13th July, 1986
(Hosted by Fergal Sharkey)
24/01/2009 Countdown Promo - 1975
(featuring Denise Drysdale)

Countdown Promo - 1974
(What is Countdown? #1)

Countdown Promo - 1974
(What is Countdown? #2)

Countdown Promo - 1975
(Featuring Skyhooks)

30th September, 1984
(Hosted by Tim And Debbie & Inxs)
Countdown Promo - 1975

30th December, 1975
(Countdown Special – Sherbet)

11th December, 1983
(Hosted by Steve Gilpin from ‘Mi Sex’

22nd August, 1982
(Hosted by Marc Hunter)

30th August, 1981
(Recorded in Sydney. Hosted by Dave Mason of ‘The Reels’)

18th April, 1982
(1982 Rock Awards)

19th April, 1983
(1983 Rock Awards)

05/01/2008 19th April, 1981
(Hosted by Joe Dolce & Molly)

12th November, 1982
(Hosted by Darly Hall & John Oates)

23rd September, 1984
(Hosted by Tim & Neil Finn and Paul Hester from Split Enz)
12/01/2008 23rd May, 1982
(Hosted by Molly & The Human League)

28th March, 1982
(Hosted by Molly & Elton John)
19/01/2008 17th October, 1982
(Hosted by Madness)

15th December, 1985
(Hosted by Neil from ‘The Young Ones’)

23rd October, 1983
(Hosted by Dave Mason from The Reels)

4th May, 1986
(Hosted by ‘Comedians’ Rik Mayall& Ben Elton)

25th May, 1985
(1984 Countdown Music & Video Awards. Held in 1985)

06/01/2007 5th October, 1986
(Hosted by Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan & Guy Pearce)

12th August, 1984
(The Australian Swimming Team speak from LA for the 1984 Olympics)

12th December, 1976
(Show compared by Daryl Braithwaite, Assisted by Molly and more…)
13/01/2007 8th December, 1985
(Hosted by Grace Jones & Molly)
20/01/2007 9th February, 1986
(Hosted by Thompson Twins)

7th March, 1982
(Hosted by Molly)

7th October, 1979
(Hosted By Shirley Strachan)

6th December, 1981
(Hosted by Greedy Smith from Mental As Anything)

20th April, 1986
(Countdown Music & Video Awards
for 1985. Held in 1986)

07/01/2006 18th December, 1983
(Hosted by Pseudo Echo)

6th September, 1981
(Countdown 300th Birthday in Sydney’s
Studio 21. Hosted by Mental As Anything)

5th October, 1980
(Hosted in turn by Jimmy Manzie of The Breakers, Chris Venn from Delaney, Chrissy & Lindsay Hammond from Cheetah
And Michael Hutchence from INXS)
14/01/2006 13th March, 1983
(Hosted by Roger Hart from Little Heroes)

31st May, 1981
(Hosted by Ross Wilson)

12th December, 1982
(Hosted by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts)

15th February, 1987
(Hosted by Crowded House)

01/01/2005 13th July, 1980
(Hosted by Ramones)

17th April, 1982
(Hosted by Molly & Duran Duran from Adelaide)

24th June, 1984
(Hosted by Molly)
08/01/2005 15th May, 1983
(Hosted by Laura Branigan)

12th July, 1987
(Hosted by Kylie Minogue & Mike Hammond)

26th October, 1980
(Hosted by The Romantics)

19th July, 1981
(Hosted by Marcia Hines)
15/01/2005 29th November, 1981
(Hosted by Molly, Cher and Fee Waybill)

17th May, 1987
(Hosted by Members of D-Generation)

7th October, 1984
(Hosted by three members of The Takeaways)

1st October, 1978
(Hosted by Six Roctober DJ’s)

1st March, 1981
(Hosted by Russell Morris and Bruce Haymes)

16th September, 1984
(Hosted by Howard Jones)

17th January, 1982
(Molly presents groups touring in 1982)

1st March, 1975
(Hosted by John Farnham - first Countdown episode to be aired in colour)

***No Countdown repeats prior to 1993 ***