Countdown Memories


Jason: When did you start watching Countdown and how did you become interested in the show?

Debbie: I can't honestly tell you a year, but I do remember such gems as AC/DC, John Paul Young and off course Mark Holden with his carnations as some of the earlier stuff I've seen. Ever since I was a small kid, I've enjoyed music. My very first band that I covered my walls in posters of, were Sweet! I was keen to see their videos and I guess that's how I fell into watching Countdown.

Jason: Do you remember what band or artist you saw the first time you went to Countdown, and any other times you went to the show?

Debbie: The first time I went to Countdown, I was hoping to meet Tears For Fears. There were so many people that day that getting into the studio was going to be a non-event. So I hung around afterwards to meet them. I also tagged along another day behind No Nonsense, as they were releasing a single and appearing on Countdown. It was a funny day as Richard from No nonsense was hosting various parts of the show and having fun with all in the audience. I remember seeing New Zealand band Koo De Tah as well.

Jason: When you went to Countdown the first time were you excited?

Debbie: Oh yes! Excited and nervous. Keen to see what happened on a real 'live' TV show!

Jason: What were the greatest highlights with performances on Countdown you witnessed, whether while at the show or just watching at home?

Debbie: I definitely think that some of the greatest shows I saw were Spandau Ballet, I didn't see Spandau live in the studio but it was one of the best segments on Countdown that I saw. And of course every time Duran Duran were on.

Jason: Who were the most interesting personalities you met whilst at Countdown, if any?

Debbie: I think the girls in the audience were the most interesting personalities! Every group of girls had their own 'factions' that they belonged to and there were certain 'cliques' of them also. As for anyone famous, well Tears for Fears seemed like nice blokes and Howard Jones was nice to the girls that were waiting.

Jason: What was the vibe like whilst in the audience at Countdown and did you participate greatly with clapping and screaming?

Debbie: If there was a special guest that day that the girls had filled the studio to see, then they just about screamed the rafters off! I'm just a shy girl really, so I usually stood up the back and took in the whole scene and had a bit of a dance!

Jason: Is there any artists that you wish would appear on Countdown that never made it to the show?

Debbie: You're really stretching my memory here! As a Melbourne girl, the bands I loved in Melbourne appeared regularly on there, which always made my day. The overseas acts that I loved such as Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet were regulars also.

Jason: What are your greatest Molly moments, if any?

Debbie: I think my greatest Molly moment came years after Countdown when at a Wa Wa Nee gig and Molly and the band getting into an ice fight after the show. That was hysterical! As for Countdown, I think the interview with Prince Charles and Molly was a crack up.

Jason: Do you think Countdown had a great impact on Australian pop culture?

Debbie: Countdown was an icon to all of us growing up and lots of bands got their break on Countdown. I always found it fantastic to see bands I'd seen in pubs, finally turn up on Countdown… e.g. Boom Crash Opera, Pseudo Echo and therefore Countdown was a great vehicle for up and coming Australian bands and its something we are sadly missing today.

Jason: And do you think it created a lot of opportunities and exposure for young Australian and international bands?

Debbie: For sure! Having someone as active as Molly in the live band scene meant incredible exposure for the up and coming young bands.

Jason: Were you sad when Countdown ended or do you think it had a good run?

Debbie: Countdown had a good run but that doesn't mean it should have ended. If it were on now, I'd be watching it with my kids! I was sad when it ended, we seem to have lost good free to air 'live' music shows.

Jason: Did you make great friends while at Countdown, and do you think it brought young kids more together and created something more positive compared to today's youth?

Debbie: I made some good friends in the Melbourne band scene and we drove everywhere from Torquay to Panton Hill to see our favourite bands!
Was it positive? Abso-bloody-lutely! We were driving and on P plates, so we didn't drink, we actually got out and danced our feet off and sweated for a few hours, not sitting on fat arses like today’s kids! e.g. computers/internet/play station

Jason: Do you think a show like Countdown could work now or do you think the great love and passion for pop stars is something of the past these days?

Debbie: I think a show like Countdown could work again. It was entertaining, informative and had up to the minute information. These days, we don't get to see too much 'live' music or interviews.