Countdown Memories


Jason: When did you start watching Countdown?

Joanne: From the first show, my dad would hate it because he missed out on the news, so he went and bought another one.

Jason: How many times did you attend Countdown, and was it exciting to be there?

Joanne: Twice and Daryl hosted the show. It was bloody exciting! To be up close to everyone, if I lived closer to the ABC I would of went more.

Jason: Did you ever meet any pop stars at Countdown?

Joanne: Yes Sherbet and Daryl, JPY, The Angels, Hush, Mark Holden, Dragon, Stars, Rockwell t James and Molly to.

Jason: What was the vibe like whilst in the audience at Countdown and did you participate greatly with clapping and screaming?

Joanne: Yes I did! I would scream, clap and dance around. The vibe was excellent and we all had a ball being there.

Jason: Is there any artists that you wish would appear on Countdown that never made it to the show?

Joanne: No, I saw all the ones I wanted to see

Jason: What are amongst some of your greatest Countdown memories, favourite Countdown episodes?

Joanne: All the ones with Sherbet on them

Jason: Who were your favourite artists during the 70's and 80's that Countdown introduced you to?

Joanne: Well Sherbet was and still are, I still see Daryl around in the pubs now.

Jason: What were or are your favourite segments of the show?

Joanne: Just the whole show. I cannot say any thing bad about the show; it was great from start to finish

Jason: Were you shocked when the show ended?

Joanne: Yes I was, I cried. I was so upset that I would not talk to anybody for a week.

Jason: Do you think that given the chance, Countdown could have kept going to this day?

Joanne: Yes, Molly should have given it a go, he did a lot for the Australian music industry

Jason: What do you think it is about Countdown that makes it still stand up today?

Joanne: What makes it stand out? Today’s bands that are still going strong. E.G: Inxs, ACDC, The Angels, Daryl Braithwaite, John Farnham and JPY from the Countdowns years.

Jason: Do you think it's important that Rage keep repeating Countdown so that a new generation may be introduced to the history of Australian and overseas music through Countdown and just in general?

Joanne: Yes I do, so the younger generation could see the history of Australia and overseas music.

Jason: Do you think the ABC should repeat Countdown on a regular basis?

Joanne: Yes I do on a regular basis like twice a month at 6.00clock or on Rage once a month for the whole show.