Countdown Memories


Jason: What year did you start to attend Countdown?

Karen: 1981.

Jason: When you went to Countdown the first time were you excited and was it always exciting over the period of years you went?

Karen: The first time I got in was a monumental experience. I was absolutely thrilled! This feeling, however did lessen somewhat. I did become rather blase about it, although there were quite a few times where I was genuinely excited and proud to be there.

Jason: While the taping of Countdown, what was your favourite part of the show?

Karen: During my teens, I especially liked talking to John Peters in between takes.

Jason: What was the greatest highlights with performances on Countdown you witnessed?

Karen: Culture Club were good. Duran in '82, when they performed "My Own Way" was great... but I'll have to get back to you on the greatest highlights.

Jason: How often did you go to Countdown?

Karen: Umm... just the once!! I'm lying! I think we went every week for 6 years! It became a Friday night tradition.

Jason: Who were the most interesting personalities you met whilst at Countdown?

Karen: Roger Taylor from Queen - one of my childhood, and indeed adulthood, heroes, Cheap Trick, actually, this was for "The Factory", but close enough! Again I'll have to dig deep into my memory box for the correct answer. Oh, and obviously Mr. Meldrum...

Jason: What was the vibe like whilst in the audience at Countdown and did you participate greatly with clapping and screaming?

Karen: To be brutally frank, I thought most of the audience were a bunch of bogans!!! Excepting us, of course!! I always hated the screaming, etc although many times I was accused of it!! I was far too self-conscious to let my hair down!

Jason: Is there any artists that you wish would appear on Countdown that never made it to the show?

Karen: Paul McCartney.

Jason: What are your greatest Molly moments?

Karen: Will get back to you on that too. Although one bit that still makes me smirk, is when he interviewed the late, great Freddie Mercury in Sydney, and used the term "naff". What a twat! Bless 'im!

Jason: Do you think Countdown had a great impact on Australian pop culture?

Karen: Absolutely.

Jason: And do you think it created a lot of opportunities and exposure for young Australian and international bands?

Karen: Ditto. Blondie were just one of many international bands that had their first taste of success in Australia before anywhere else in the world because of the exposure on Countdown.

Jason: Were you sad when Countdown ended or do you think it had a good run?

Karen: I can't remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure at the time I would have been devastated! I got over it though!!

Jason: Did you make great friends while at Countdown, and do you think it brought young kids more together and created something more positive compared to today's youth?

Karen: I made some great pals, friends I am still in touch with today, even whilst residing on the other side of the world. On the down side, however, there were a few unpleasant people too, but we don't need to go there. I haven't thought about them in years!

Jason: Do you think a show like Countdown could work now or do you think that pop stars are something of the past?

Karen: Here in the UK, Top of the Pops is still running each week after 40 years. Admittedly it's a slightly different format but at the end of the day, it's still a show that has bands and artists performing their current hits in a studio. Sure, it could still work.