Countdown Memories


Jason: Did you watch Countdown originally in the 80's?

Shantel: On and off, I was very young and the only bits of Countdown I saw was when my older brothers were watching it.

Jason: What are your earliest memories of the show?

Shantel: Molly Meldrum (god bless his cotton socks, he's done so much for the music industry here in Australia especially in the 80's, don’t know what us Aussies will do without him). Also Gavin Wood's Voice overs, yes I know it sounds weird but yeah he has this distinct voice that no one can copy. And the introduction music and beginning of show (circa 1983/84), we love the neon map of Australia and all those lights and flashes that form the COUNTDOWN logo!! Plus the large variety of video clips from Culture Club to Lionel Ritchie and everyone in between.

Jason: What are amongst some of your greatest Countdown moments,favourite Countdown episodes?

Shantel:- Iggy pop doing "Im Bored" !!! Woohoo !!!
- Gavin Wood and Molly's song/band title stuff up's.

Jason: Who were your favourite artists during the 80's that Countdown introduced you to?

Shantel: Mainly Madonna and Michael Jackson, though Wham, Culture Club, Cyndi Lauper and Bon Jovi I also took a liking to through COUNTDOWN.

Jason: What were or are your favourite segments of the show?

Shantel: Everything!

Jason: Do you think that given the chance Countdown could have kept going to this day, or do you think it actually was good that it ended when it did as pop music started getting very manufactured?

Shantel: I think it ended at a good time, though another music show should've started up following the same Countdown format.

Jason: What do you think it is about Countdown that makes it still stand up today?

Shantel: It was the first and so far the only music show that gave every band/singer a go. Even though some sounded like crap, Molly still used to plug them and gave them a chance which is great to see.

Jason: Do you think it's important that Rage keep repeating Countdown so that a new generation may be introduced to the history of Australian and overseas music through Countdown and just in general?

Shantel: SHIT YEAH !!!!!

Jason: Do you think the ABC should repeat Countdown on a regular basis?

Shantel: Not every week, but a weekend a month would be nice. If they play it every weekend I won’t have a life anymore LOL.